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Historically and to this day, the humanities are often at the very core of the best universities in the world.

Lauded for their ability to develop critical thinking in students, these subjects endeavour to make intellectual sense of the world and its peoples by studying their histories, cultures and languages.

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The Humanities department at CIC is staffed by a highly experienced and dedicated team of teachers who are passionate about helping students consider every side to an argument, challenge their own assumptions, and deal logically with imperfect, subjective information.

English Literature, History, Geography and Modern Languages all comprise what the Russell Group - the leading group of 24 UK universities - refer to as ‘facilitating subjects’ at A-Level.

These highly academic subjects are categorised as such because they are more frequently required for entry on to specific degree programmes, and therefore enable access to a wider range of degree subject areas.

It is widely regarded that humanities graduates have the most transferable skills, and no coincidence that they emerge from university as highly desirable for many potential employers.

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