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Social sciences & Business

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The social sciences are, in broadest terms, characterised by a quest for understanding society itself and, crucially, the nature of the relationships formed by the individuals and groups of which it consists. Often regarded as a branch of social science, the academic study of business has also emerged to be a major discipline.

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In addition to improving critical thinking skills, these subjects help students to develop the ability to apply a variety of methodologies, both quantitative and qualitative, to the learning of a particular topic.

The A-Level Social Sciences and Business department at CIC boasts a stellar line up of teachers who, aside from a wealth of experience in teaching, have also spent time in relevant industries, and this is of course value-additive for students.

Social Sciences and Business teachers believe strongly in taking advantage of the College’s amazing central London location to supplement and enrich classroom learning of the core curriculum. Inspirational places of interest can be – and frequently are – travelled to in a matter of minutes.

A trip to the London Stock Exchange or Bloomberg; attending a public lecture at the London School of Economics and Political Science; a visiting speaker from an accountancy firm – these are just a few examples of the opportunities afforded by our location and network. It is our experience that London itself adds a coating of inspiration that actually aids success in the study of social sciences and business.

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