Chelsea Independent College Clubs and Societies

An Engaging Programme of Clubs, Societies and Activities

Although academic study is the key focus of our Chelsea Independent College students, we recognise the importance of personal developmental opportunities as part of a broad educational experience, that can subsequently enhance university applications.

With the college’s Student Council at the heart of our extracurricular programmes, we cater for a diverse range of interests. Regular sporting activities include:

  • Girls’ and boys’ football, basketball, badminton, table tennis and rugby
  • Yoga
  • Skiing/snowboarding European trip

Find out about this year’s plans for the Student Council here.

More cerebral pursuits available encompass:
  • Science/Maths Olympiads and Maths Challenges: test and improve your science and maths knowledge against the UK’s best; take part in the Maths in Action Programme
  • Computer/Robotics Club: develop apps and websites; build computers and robots
  • Philosophy Club: discuss the week’s events from a philosophical standpoint
  • Chess
Arts and literature activities on offer comprise:
  • Photography Club: photographic projects covering student life, plus the annual Photography Competition
  • College Magazine: join the team on ‘Le Page’, our college newspaper
  • Chelsea Writers: create a monthly newsletter
  • Book Club: discuss a book and contribute a review to the newsletter each month
Academic, career-focussed and social undertakings available include:
  • EdX online courses: take free courses from top universities
  • Young Entrepreneurs: evaluate and develop business ideas and learn how to start an online business
  • Volunteering and Community Service: help charities and the local community
  • Work experience: identify, apply for and engage in relevant work experience opportunities and insight days with multinational companies
  • Visiting guest speakers: attend talks and debates with engaging guest speakers from universities and cultural organisations
  • Social event committees: help plan and organise college events including the Christmas Carol Concert and Summer Prom
  • Excursions: local theatre trips, sporting events and cultural visits