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Clubs & societies

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Opportunities for everyone

We run a wide range of clubs and societies where our students can explore different interests, meet new people and truly feel a part of the CIC community.

Our clubs and societies are open to all. The options on offer are constantly growing and changing to ensure that they stay relevant to the interests of the current year’s student body. The Student Council plays a key role in communicating new ideas, and getting new activities up and running.

Here are just some examples of the clubs and societies on offer:

  • Mandarin for Beginners
  • Table Tennis
  • Student Investor Challenge
  • Young Enterprise’s Tenner Challenge
  • Investors Challenge for Young Entrepreneurs
  • Debating Society
  • Science Olympiad
  • Basketball Club
  • Photography Club
  • Book Club
  • Medical Society
  • Football Training
  • Robotics Society
  • Music Society
  • Board Games Club
  • Personal Development Club
  • Yoga Club