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A chance to get involved

The Student Council forms an integral part of college life and is at the heart of CIC’s events and social calendar.

Alongside organising fundraising events, the Student Council plays a key role in planning both the Christmas Party and Summer Prom. Council elections are held at the beginning of every academic year, and weekly meetings take place throughout the term.


Meet this year’s President of Student Council, Zakya

1. Tell me a bit about yourself.

My name is Zakya and I joined CIC in September 2017 as an AS student. I enjoy swimming, reading and writing, and my favourite subject is Maths. At CIC, I am a member of the Mathletics Society, Physics Olympiad and Robotics Club.

2. What’s your favourite thing about the Student Council?

The Student Council is a great opportunity for us (the students) to create change within our school and plan exciting events. We are given a lot of independence and can address any concerns or issues raised by the student body.

Being a member of the Student Council at CIC has been a great experience so far as all the members cooperate and communicate with each other really well. We all have the chance to voice our opinions and ensure that there is a jubilant atmosphere at the college. We are currently planning the college's talent show and have lots of ideas for future events, including hosting a ‘fashion show’ next term.

3. What’s your top tip to a new comer joining the college?

Try not to stress yourself out over miniscule things. When entering a new environment, it’s common to be nervous but if you have any problems teachers can help. Also, join clubs! It’s a great way to make new friends and take part in things you’re passionate about.

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