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London offers unrivalled opportunities to experience the workplace in leading industries

One of the many advantages of studying A-Levels or Foundation in London is access to high quality work experience during the Sixth Form. Home to world-leading law firms, financial institutions, design agencies, hospitals, technology start-ups and much, much more, central London offers opportunities in almost every sector and specialisation.

Whilst we ensure that our students’ primary focus is always held firmly on their core academic and co-curricular undertakings at the college, we wholeheartedly and proactively encourage them to apply for work experience, whether that be during the Easter or summer holidays, or a few hours during term time. Our staff are always more than happy to assist with these applications, drawing on our own network where appropriate.

Companies and organisations are increasingly open to offering short-term experience to sixth formers. Time spent early in the workplace develops emotional and cultural awareness alongside more technical learning, and is therefore viewed very positively by universities.

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