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Regular exam practice with detailed feedback

With the high expectations on the end-of-year exams, we place a strong emphasis on building students' confidence in this key area. Our system of regular Examination Practice Papers (EPPs) aims not only to help students to familiarise themselves with the exam process and requirements, but also allows teachers to thoroughly monitor students' performance. 

The awarding bodies and the Joint Council for Qualification (JCQ) have strict criteria that have to be followed for the conduct of both examination and non-examination assessments and Chelsea Independent College must follow precisely. The College Examinations Officer, Maricarmen Perez, can be contacted at maricarmenperez@cic.ac.

Supporting Documents and Information

- Examination Guide

- Notices and Warnings

- Using Social Media and Examinations/Assessments 

Non-Examination Assessments Information

- Information for Candidates

External Examinations Information

- Information for Candidates (written exams)

- Information for Candidates (on-screen exams)

Upcoming Exams and Mock Exams

  1. Mock exams will take place the first week back after Half Term (24 -28 February), and will run for one week Monday to Friday. During that week there will be no lessons (except for AAT and the NCUK IFY program), and you come in only to take your exams.

  2. There will be 2 sessions per day: 9am and 1.30pm. You must arrive at the college 15 minutes before your exam starts.

  3. Most of the exams will be held in rooms 14 & 15 (Exam Room 1) and 11 & 12 (Exam Room 2), in Broadway House (1st floor). The only exception to this will be on-screen computing exams (M1) and Art exams (Art rooms).

  4. If you have a clash (i.e. 2 or more exams in the same session), you must inform Maricarmen (second floor, end of the corridor, Broadway House) ASAP so that we can rearrange your exams for you. It is essential that YOU do this. If you don’t, then on the day of the exam you will have to miss one of them, and you will then receive 0% for that subject.

  5. Make sure to have all the correct equipment with you (black pens, rulers, calculators etc.).

  6. Mock exams give you a taste of what your real exams in summer will be like, and it is therefore excellent practice. For this reason, it is essential that you take them seriously and prepare them properly with a sensible plan of revision. Also, on the day of your exam, be sure that you are silent in the exam room, focus on your work only, and follow the instructions of the members of staff on duty.

  7. Speak to your teachers, and find out which exams you will be taking. Your teacher will also tell you what part of the syllabus you will be examined on, so you will know what you need to revise.

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