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GCSE Mathematics

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Why study Mathematics?

Exam board and specification code: Edexcel 1MA1

Mathematics is the language of science and related to almost every aspect of our daily lives – from stocks and shares and traffic flow to creating lift on a plane wing. Without the logic, structure and precision of mathematics our understanding of the world in which we live would be vastly and unrecognisably diminished (imagine a world with no computing, economics or communications technology). Because of this, GCSE Mathematics is an essential requirement for many jobs. During the GCSE course, we consider mathematical topics step by step with the aim to make the material more approachable, easier to understand and, hopefully, more enjoyable as a result.

What is covered by the course?

Following the Edexcel Mathematics 9-1 syllabus, students learn the basic building blocks of the subject. These are divided into five key areas (“number”, “algebra”, “geometry and measures”, “statistics and probability”, and “ratio, proportion and rates of change”). In addition to learning and understanding theories, students also get lots of practice with exam-style questions and learn how and when one might apply these theories in ‘real life’.

How is it examined?

3 x 1hr 30mins exams at the end of Year 11 (1 x non-calculator and 2 x calculator papers; 33.3% of the final exam mark each). There is no coursework element.

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