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GCSE Spanish

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Why study Spanish?

Exam board and specification codes: Edexcel 4SP1 (2017)

If you enjoy communicating with other people, finding out how language works and learning about different countries and cultures, studying IGCSE Spanish is an excellent choice for you!

The importance of study a foreign language is well known and Spanish in particular can play an important role in your own personal development. The Spanish passion for living is contagious and once you start to learn about their language and culture, you won't ever want to stop!

What is covered by the course?

Throughout the course you will learn how to talk about yourself, your family and friends, your hobbies, where you live, school, holidays, food and drink…. in Spanish!

We study five Topic Areas, following the Edexcel exam board: Home and Abroad; Education and Employment; Personal life and relationships; The world around us and Social activities, fitness and health.

How is it examined?

This qualification comprises three external assessments:

Paper 1: Listening (30 min)

Students will listen to some short recordings and answer questions.

Paper 2: Reading and Writing (1hour 45 min)

Students will read a range of authentic factual and non-factual written material of different length, from different sources, and answer questions.

Paper 3: Speaking (8-10 min)

Students will present and answer questions to a picture. They will also discuss two different topics, chosen at random by Pearson.

Suggested reading

'Edexcel International GCSE Spanish Student Book' published by Hodder Education

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