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‘Students display well developed knowledge, skills and understanding and can apply these skills successfully across all areas of learning’ ISI, 2019


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Why study GCSE at Chelsea Independent College? 

• Our students achieve excellent grades, significantly above the UK’s national average 

• We have knowledgeable and experienced subject experts who are passionate about teaching 

• Our class sizes are small to ensure students receive personalised support 

• We give every student a dedicated personal tutor to ensure they achieve their full potential 

• We provide a supportive and collaborative learning environment 

• We organise regular trips and visits to extend knowledge and deepen friendships 

• We offer a wide range of co-curricular activities, from yoga and football to photography and computing  

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Students for the 2-year GCSE programme will join in year 10 and will choose to study up to 9 subjects. A broad range of subjects are available in Humanities, Creative Arts, Social Sciences & Business and Science, Maths and Computing. 

Students studying the 1-year programme tend to select 6 subjects due to the intensive nature of the course. 

Lessons are complemented by frequent exam practice periods that build up confidence for formal exams and monitor progression. 

Alongside academic study, students take part in regular PE and PSHE sessions.

Every student has a dedicated personal tutor who they meet with on a weekly basis to ensure they are staying on track. We aim to provide excellence in education in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Regular trips and opportunities for residential visits abroad extend knowledge and deepen friendships, and co-curricular activities ranging from yoga and football to photography and computing are encouraged.



  • Cancellation of Summer Exams
    20 March 2020

    Cancellation of Summer Exams

    Dear Parents, Agents, and Guardians, I promised to inform you as soon as we had any clarification from the Department for Education here about exa...

  • Cookery Club at CIC
    23 January 2020

    Cookery Club at CIC

    The new term has brought a lot of developments to our co-curricular provision. At the beginning of the academic year, we introduced a new system of ...

  • Y10 and Y12 Art Students Visiting National Galleries
    15 November 2019

    Y10 and Y12 Art Students Visiting National Galleries

    On Wednesday, the 13th of November, Art and Design students from Year 10 and Year 12 went on a gallery trip to the National Gallery and the National P...

  • Chelsea Independent College Underwent ISI Inspection
    17 October 2019

    Chelsea Independent College Underwent ISI Inspection

    Chelsea Independent College underwent an Independent School Inspectorate inspection in September this year, and we are delighted to share with you the...

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