Chelsea Independent College High School Term Programme

A Unique Insight into British Culture for International Students

At Chelsea Independent College we provide an exciting opportunity for students to develop their academic knowledge and language skills at one of the most prestigious sixth form colleges in London. Our High School Term programme offers international students the opportunity to join our student community for one, two or three terms and experience the best of the British education system and culture.

At Chelsea Independent College we provide a highly structured learning environment with an average class size of just seven students and one-to-one sessions with a personal tutor. We offer the opportunity to learn alongside British and other international students preparing to study at world-class universities.

Students receive weekly exam practice and two comprehensive reports per term, plus support with validation of studies in their home country. The opportunity exists to extend their programme and continue to study at Chelsea Independent College on the A-level or GCSE programme.


Students aged under 16 follow the GCSE programme which includes Maths, English and Science subjects (compulsory) with the option to study humanities and creative subjects.

16 years or over

Students follow the A-Level pathway and can study:
September start (one, two or three terms): four subjects plus a module in Academic English
January start (one or two terms): three subjects plus a module in Academic English.

Extracurricular Activities

At Chelsea Independent College it’s not all academic. We hold extracurricular activities in the highest regard as they help turn out well-rounded individuals. As such the college offers sport, art and textiles. To exercise the brain there’s also debating, critical thinking and career talks. Finally we also include cultural evening events, theatre visits and concert trips in our programme.