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Engineering Pathway

For this pathway students focus primarily on the core subjects that form the foundation of any engineering degree; maths and physics. This course is focused to intensively to aid progression to Engineering related degrees at university.

This pathway will give you access to a plethora of Engineering degrees across many different universities whilst also allowing students to deviate from this pathway if they decide that a Business or Humanities subject would suit their aspirations better.


This course covers a specific selection of topics in great detail in order to aid the rapid acquisition of subject-specific knowledge. Topics covered include; electricity, vibrations and waves, fields, mechanics, thermal physics and nuclear physics.

Science Maths

The purpose of this module is to progress students’ development and understanding of mathematics from intermediate to advanced, encompassing several of the key topics that form the syllabus of the A-Level programme in similar depth and detail.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Students develop academic reading, writing, listening and speaking skills together with the skills required to interpret academic texts and write academic assignments.





This module will give students a solid understanding of the many different areas of chemistry, allowing them access to a wide range of study options beyond college. Topics include; molecular formulas, atomic structure and mass, and transition elements.

Further Maths

The Further Maths module expands on the theoretical understanding surrounding some core mathematic principals and models, developing students understanding and encouraging questioning of the subject.