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Science Pathway

The Science Pathway is the right choice for a student who has a desire to understand the mechanics and the composition of the world around us. This course gives students the opportunity to access to wide range of scientific degree subjects.

The primary discerning feature of this pathway is, along with core sciences the addition of optional chemistry and biology modules. In terms of workload and intensity the IFY Science pathway is the most rigorous foundation pathway. However, with this rigor successful completion of this course allows for the widest breadth university course options.


This course provides a strong foundation for tackling the complex and diverse topics included in the Biology module, spanning cellular structure through to organ function.


This module will give students a solid understanding of the many different areas of chemistry, allowing them access to a wide range of study options beyond college. Topics include; molecular formulas, atomic structure and mass, and transition elements.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Students develop academic reading, writing, listening and speaking skills together with the skills required to interpret academic texts and write academic assignments.

Science Maths

The purpose of this module is to progress students’ development and understanding of mathematics from intermediate to advanced, encompassing several of the key topics that form the syllabus of the A-Level programme in similar depth and detail.

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