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  • Teaching Beyond the Classroom part 3- Independence
    10 June 2020

    Teaching Beyond the Classroom part 3- Independence

    Read the third installment from our 10- part series which focuses on the unique opportunities boarding in London provides our students.

  • Teaching Beyond the Classroom part 1- Perspective
    08 June 2020

    Teaching Beyond the Classroom part 1- 'Perspective'

    The first installment from our 10- part series, looking at the unique opportunities boarding in London provides our students

  • Teaching Beyond the Classroom part 2- Taking the Fear out of Failure
    05 June 2020

    Teaching Beyond the Classroom part 2- 'Taking the Fear out of Failure'

    The second installment of our 10- part series, looking at the unique opportunities boarding in London provides our students.

  • artwork, portrait
    28 May 2020

    Resilience and adaptability during lockdown

    It's been a unique term at Chelsea, but that hasn't stopped our students and staff working hard and challenging themselves.

  • Why studying philosophy is more relevant than ever
    07 April 2020

    Why studying philosophy is more relevant than ever

    Written by Luis Martins, Head of Government & Politics and Philosophy Teacher Why do we need to ‘think’ in an era of quick, all-enco...

  • Boarding Residents Gain Independence
    02 April 2020

    Boarding Residents Gain Independence

    Boarding offers unique learning opportunities for young people, from encouraging open-mindedness to developing students’ sense of independence...

  • Cancellation of Summer Exams
    20 March 2020

    Cancellation of Summer Exams

    Dear Parents, Agents, and Guardians, I promised to inform you as soon as we had any clarification from the Department for Education here about exa...

  • HM Government Announcement - School Closure due to COVID-19
    18 March 2020

    HM Government Announcement - School Closure due to COVID-19

    Dear Parents, Agents, and Guardians, As you know, over the past few weeks, we have, as we always do, arranged our priorities so that the safety a...

  • Coronavirus Statement from the Principal
    13 March 2020

    Coronavirus Statement from the Principal

    Chelsea Independent College has put procedures in place to cope with the present situation with regard to the coronavirus, covid-19. College is open...

  • Going the Extra Mile to Protect Students from Corona Virus
    15 February 2020

    Going the Extra Mile to Protect Students from Corona Virus

    Chelsea Independent College together with Kensington Park School, our sister school, seek to protect our students from any risks of the corona virus...

  • CIC Leads in London Borough for Students’ Progress
    11 February 2020

    CIC Leads in London Borough for Students’ Progress

    Chelsea Independent College takes the lead once again in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham for progress made at A-Level by students aged ...

  • Cookery Club at CIC
    23 January 2020

    Cookery Club at CIC

    The new term has brought a lot of developments to our co-curricular provision. At the beginning of the academic year, we introduced a new system of ...

  • End of the Term and Christmas Celebrations 2019
    16 December 2019

    End of the Term and Christmas Celebrations 2019

    Christmas festivities at Chelsea independent College kicked off on Friday 6th December in the school canteen. Our amazing caterers prepared a very s...

  • Food Bank Collection Points at CIC
    13 December 2019

    Food Bank Collection Points at CIC

    Christmas time is commonly associated with spending time with loved ones, great food and gift giving. Unfortunately, not everyone has the means to e...

  • 17 Senior Maths Challenge Medal Winners
    22 November 2019

    17 Senior Maths Challenge Medal Winners

    It has come to the time of the year when more than 9 000 students UK-wide participate at the Senior Mathematics Challenge, a mathematical problem-so...

  • Bush Tucker Trial at Chelsea
    20 November 2019

    Bush Tucker Trial at Chelsea

    Inspired by an Australian reality TV series, our fantastic caterers from Holroyd Howe prepared a lunch activity our canteen has never experienced befo...

  • Y10 and Y12 Art Students Visiting National Galleries
    15 November 2019

    Y10 and Y12 Art Students Visiting National Galleries

    On Wednesday, the 13th of November, Art and Design students from Year 10 and Year 12 went on a gallery trip to the National Gallery and the National P...

  • CIC Awards and Nominations, Autumn 2019
    08 November 2019

    CIC Awards and Nominations, Autumn 2019

    Chelsea Independent College has experienced a very successful month. Not only have we been shortlisted for the NCUK Partner Awards 2019 for Digital ...

  • Chelsea Independent College Underwent ISI Inspection
    17 October 2019

    Chelsea Independent College Underwent ISI Inspection

    Chelsea Independent College underwent an Independent School Inspectorate inspection in September this year, and we are delighted to share with you the...

  • Y12 and 13 Economics Students Visit Bank of England Museum
    07 October 2019

    Y12 and 13 Economics Students Visit Bank of England Museum

    On Thursday 3rd October, Year 12 and 13 Economics students visited the Bank of England Museum which is specially designed to engage and stimulate yo...

  • CIC Students Discover Architectural Beauties of London
    04 October 2019

    CIC Students Discover Architectural Beauties of London

    As part of our new co-curricular programme, students who signed up for the London Architecture & Design Club have an amazing opportunity to expl...

  • CIC Reduces Plastic Use
    26 September 2019

    CIC Reduces Plastic Use

    It does not have to be said that single-use plastics are one of the biggest environmental issues of the contemporary world. Every day, we come acros...

  • 27 June 2019

    CIC Students Achieved Fairtrade FairAware School Award

    Congratulations to the 2019 student leadership team on doing a great job achieving the Fairtrade FairAware School Award. The leadership team raise...

  • 25 June 2019

    CIC Science Department Visits the Natural History Museum

    Report by Ryan Giblin, Biology Teacher Recently the science department organised two excursions to the Natural History Museum to help enrich the sci...

  • 21 June 2019

    School Prom 2019

    The night everyone at CIC was looking forward to. Strict dress code, Oscars ceremony, DJ and friends - an event no one will forget.

  • 18 June 2019

    Y12 Biology Field Trip to Kew Gardens: Biodiversity in English Weather!

    Y12 Biology students discovered that plants are not boring!

  • 17 June 2019

    CIC Art & Design Exhibition 2019

    Report by Marina De Stacpoole, Head of Creative Arts & Art Teacher On Wednesday 12th June Chelsea Independent College had its annual art exhibit...

  • 02 June 2019

    Boarders Amazed by The Lion King Musical

    Last month, our borders had the opportunity to see one of the most successful stage shows of all time. The Lion King, a multi-award winning musical,...

  • 22 May 2019

    A-Level Geography Field Trip

    On Thursday 16th May, Year 12 A-Level Geography students enjoyed conducting physical fieldwork investigations along the Kent coastline. This include...

  • 20 May 2019

    Meet Our Student Council

    A few weeks prior to the biggest event of the academic year organised by the Student Council, the Leavers Prom 2019, we met the core members of the ...

  • 15 May 2019

    School Awards Ceremony 2019

    Report by Stuart Humphreys, Head of Science & IT, Chemistry Teacher The highly anticipated CIC Annual Awards Ceremony took place on Wednesday 1s...

  • 10 May 2019

    Annual Staff vs Students Football Match

    On Thursday 2nd May, CIC’s Student Council hosted an annual students vs. staff football match which took place on Eel Brook Common, just a sho...

  • 07 May 2019

    CIC Boarders Visit Sea Life London Aquarium

    During the Early May Bank holiday weekend, our boarders had a great time at the Sea Life London Aquarium exploring the mysterious creatures of the wor...

  • 30 April 2019

    Highlights of the Easter Revision Programme 2019

    Report by Erin Neil, Course Director As we know, the Easter holidays are an important time of the year to prepare for upcoming summer exams. For the...

  • 17 April 2019

    Summer SAT/ACT Boot Camp for A-Level Students

    For this summer, CIC is delighted to announce the return of the SAT/ACT boot camp, a week’s workshop for students hoping to improve their exam...

  • 21 March 2019

    Persian New Year Celebrations

    Every year, millions celebrate Persian New Year (Nowruz), celebrations full of fire festivities, delicious meals, family gatherings, street performa...

  • 19 March 2019

    Book Sharing and Lending at CIC

    At CIC, each department provides students with access to subject specific materials like, for instance, books, textbooks and DVDs. To complement this ...

  • 11 March 2019

    A-Level and GCSE Business Trip to Belgium

    A-Level and GCSE Business students visited Belgium and had a great time while exploring hidden gems of Brussels and Antwerp, including the European Co...

  • 05 March 2019

    Pancake Day Celebrations at CIC Canteen

    On Tuesday 5th March, CIC canteen held a traditional feast the day before Ash Wednesday. Pancake Day is celebrated on Shrove Tuesday, however, this ...

  • 01 March 2019

    CIC Students Secure 27 Russell Group University Offers

    In line with our distinctive but friendly ethos, all of our staff members are dedicated to providing students with an inspiring, high-level learning...

  • 27 February 2019

    Spring Term Parents' Evening at CIC

    Principal Martin Meenagh would like to invite you to a Spring term Parents' Evening at Chelsea Independent College on 14th March 2019

  • 14 February 2019

    Student Council Valentine's Day Sale

    Report by Student Council member Paulina Cieplinska On Thursday 14th February, the CIC Student Council held a Valentine’s Day sale which turne...

  • 13 February 2019

    Student Council Charity Events

    Our Student Council have worked incredibly hard this past half term organising a range of fun activities for our students to get involved in, at the...

  • 01 February 2019

    Geography Fieldwork Trip to the Isle of Dogs

    Report by Geography student Kush Patel On Friday 18th of January 2019, Geography students from KPS and CIC travelled to the Isle of Dogs in East Lon...

  • 30 January 2019

    New Dance Classes for CIC Students

    CIC will be launching a new activity on 5th February: dance classes held by a professionally trained dance teacher. These will be taking place on a ...

  • 30 January 2019

    NCUK Placement Officer visits CIC

    NCUK Placement Officer Rachael Eke visited CIC to speak to our International Foundation Year students about the university application process. She ...

  • 29 January 2019

    A-Level student Bodgan comes runner-up out of 200 dancers in international dance festival

    Not only is A-Level student Bogdan Berlov a brilliant mathematician scoring highly in any problem-solving challenge, he is also a passionate and suc...

  • 29 January 2019

    CIC Listed as Leading College for A-Level Progress in Hammersmith and Fulham

    CIC is honoured to be listed at the top of the A-Level performance table for progress among 19 independent schools, academies and colleges for stude...

  • 15 January 2019

    Student Success at Senior Kangaroo Mathematical Challenge

    Well done to our mathematicians for taking part in the Senior Kangaroo Mathematical Challenge and achieving some exceptional results.

  • 14 December 2018

    CIC's Got Talent Charity Show

    Report by Dante Ferrante, Member of the Student Council Charisma, courage and confidence are just three of the many traits that accompany a talented...

  • 13 December 2018

    CIC art department gallery visits

    The CIC art department have had a busy term visiting lots of London galleries.

  • 30 November 2018

    A Goal for The Environment

    Report by Dante Ferrante, Member of the Student Council CIC Student Council held another successful charity event on 15th November. This time, it wa...

  • 27 November 2018

    CIC Canteen Events

    Our caterers from Holroyd Howe - one of the best school caterers in the country! - have planned some exciting events this term. To make dining at CI...

  • 26 November 2018

    Students Excel at UKMT's Senior Mathematics Challenge

    CIC would like to congratulate our young mathematicians for taking part in the Senior Maths Challenge and representing the school at the highest le...

  • 16 November 2018

    Our Second Student Council Bake Sale!

    Report by Dante Ferrante, Member of the Student Council. On Wednesday 17th October, the CIC Student Council held a charity bake sale at the debat...

  • 05 November 2018

    CIC alumna receives NCUK Prize Award 2018

    Congratulations to one of last year’s NCUK IFY students Yujin Jang, who has been awarded an NCUK Prize Award for being one of the top performi...

  • 18 October 2018

    Student Council Charity Bake Sale

    Last week, CIC’s student council held their first event, a charity bake sale, to raise funds for their chosen organisation, ActionAid UK. The ...

  • 12 October 2018

    CIC Student Wins Dance Competition

    Last month, we welcomed both returning students and newcomers to Chelsea Independent College. Even though it was a busy month full of changes and fr...

  • 10 October 2018

    Art trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum

    On 2nd October 2018, Textiles teacher Geraldine took A-Level students on a trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum to see the annual Jameel Prize 5 e...

  • 31 August 2018

    A-Level student Enxhi scores one of the top A* grades in the UK for Psychology

    Congratulations to Enxhi who achieved one of the highest A-Level grades for Psychology in the country and has accepted her place to study at Cambridge...

  • 17 August 2018

    A-Level Results Success

    Many congratulations to our 2018 leavers who have achieved some excellent A-Level results. 30% of grades were A*/A, higher than the national avera...

  • 07 August 2018

    NCUK International Foundation Year results are in!

    Congratulations to this year's IFY students who achieved some outstanding results, with 72% of grades being A*/A.

  • 25 July 2018

    Summer Prom 2018

    A great send-off for our year 13 leavers

  • 03 July 2018

    Chelsea Independent College Art Exhibition

    This year saw the Chelsea Independent College Art exhibition held at the Stoll Foundation for the third year running. The exhibition showcased the f...

  • 18 June 2018

    Students vs Teachers Football Match

    The CIC student football team took on CIC teachers in an end of term football match

  • 01 June 2018

    PSHE Mental Health Workshop

    Year 10 and year 12 students took part in a 3-hour workshop by health ambassador Laura Phelan. Students considered issues surrounding mental health ...

  • 31 May 2018

    CIC 2018 Art & Design Exhibition

    Our annual Art & Design exhibition is opening on Wednesday 13th June. It will showcase the work by students across the whole art department incl...

  • 10 May 2018

    CIC vs Kensington Park School debate

    On Wednesday 25th of April, Chelsea Independent College hosted a debate on the topic “Should the Government subsidise art?” against KPS....

  • 09 May 2018

    CIC boarders visit Edinburgh

    CIC boarders had a lovely weekend exploring Edinburgh

  • 03 May 2018

    Art and Photography trip to the Hayward Gallery

    A-Level Art and Photography students visit the Hayward Gallery

  • 24 April 2018

    Enxhi receives an offer to study at the University of Cambridge

    Well done to Enxhi Sharxhi from Albania, who has received a conditional offer of a place at the University of Cambridge to study a BA (Hons) in Psyc...

  • 20 April 2018

    CIC student wins place at Central Saint Martins to study Textiles and Fashion

    Congratulations to Sihao Chen, who has accepted an offer from Central Saint Martins, one of the most prestigious art and design institutions in the ...

  • 23 March 2018

    Art department trip to The National Gallery

    Last week, A-Level art students went on a trip to The National Gallery. They walked through the Sainsbury Wing to the central part of the gallery. T...

  • 15 March 2018

    A-Level art students visit the V&A Museum

    A-Level art students spent the afternoon exploring the V&A Museum

  • 08 March 2018

    CIC Photography Club capture snowy London

    CIC Photography Club made the most of snowy London by experimenting with fish-eye lenses at Eel Brook Common.

  • 04 March 2018

    CERN Trip 26th-28th February 2018

    A-Level Science students visit CERN, home of the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva. Write up by student Leopold Schlemmer

  • 19 February 2018

    A-Level Government & Politics and History students visit the Houses of Parliament

    Report by A-Level student Anastasia Last term, the college organised a trip to the Houses of Parliament, also known as the Palace of Westminster. We...

  • 17 December 2017

    CIC's Got Talent: End of Term Christmas Party

    CIC students celebrate the end of term with a Christmas Talent Show.

  • 14 December 2017

    Debate club autumn term report

    Report by A-Level student Enxhi

  • 11 December 2017

    Duke of Edinburgh's Award Progress Report

    DofE has got off to a great start this term

  • 30 November 2017

    A2 Photography students visit Brompton Cemetery

    Practicing photography techniques

  • 30 November 2017

    Physics students visit Diamond Light Source

    A-Level Physics students spent the afternoon exploring the Diamond Light Source facility and discussing the under representation of women in science.

  • 27 November 2017

    CIC Principal contributes to the Cambridge Dictionary of Modern World History

    Principal Dr Martin Meenagh contributes to the Cambridge Dictionary of Modern World History, published earlier this month

  • 24 November 2017

    Art and Photography autumn term trips

    A-Level art and photography students have had a busy term exploring London’s art galleries

  • 05 September 2017

    GCSE and A-Level results 2017

    A-Level results A-Level results day saw several students excelling to the highest possible standards and achieving straight A*s. In fact, one in e...

  • 05 July 2017

    Art department exhibition 2017

    An exhibition of this year's A-Level and GCSE students' work from Chelsea Independent College was on show last month in the main hall of the...

  • 28 April 2017

    An awe-inspiring trip to CERN

    At the end of last month, 11 students from CIC’s science department travelled to Switzerland to visit CERN, the European Organisation for Nucl...

  • 07 April 2017

    March: Photography and Art trips

    Art and Photography students have had a busy month! Art teacher Marina tells us about their recent gallery visits: On 14th March, the year 12 phot...

  • 07 April 2017

    Meet Keisi, Head of Student Council

    Tell me a bit about yourself. Hello! I’m Keisi Mançellari. I’m studying Maths, Further Maths, Economics and English Literature ...

  • 27 March 2017

    Everything you need to know about CIC’s Student Council

    What role does the Student Council play in the college? The Student Council organises the events that go on in college. So far, we’ve been i...

  • 23 March 2017

    CIC student Gurkiran announced as winner of prestigious CIFE award

    We’re delighted to announce Gurkiran Kalsi as this year’s winner of a prestigious CIFE award for academic excellence. The awards ceremon...

  • 20 March 2017

    GCSE students visit the Saatchi Gallery

    Year 11 GCSE students recently visited the Saatchi Gallery to see the exhibition ‘Painters’ Painters’ featuring work by nine diffe...

  • 10 February 2017

    Students start to receive some fantastic university offers

    With the UCAS deadline now several weeks’ past, students have started to hear back with decisions on their university applications. Some fanta...

  • 12 December 2016

    A-level art and photography students explore more of London’s galleries

    Once again, A-Level art and photography students have been busy exploring London’s art galleries. On 30th November, year 12 students went on...

  • 02 December 2016

    A-level History students visit the Churchill War Rooms museum

    A-level History students spent a lovely afternoon last week visiting the Churchill War Rooms museum. As part of their A-level coursework, the stud...

  • 28 November 2016

    Get your tickets for our Christmas Party

    Our Student Council have been hard at work organising this year's Christmas Party. This year it will be held at the Community Hall at the Sir ...

  • 24 November 2016

    Chelsea students achieve fantastic results (again!) in the UKMT Senior Challenge

    We’ve just received the results from this year’s UK Mathematics Trust Senior Challenge, and once again, it was another fine showing from...

  • 03 November 2016

    Chelsea Independent College Art Department: This term’s gallery visits

    Over the past half term, Chelsea art students have been exploring London's greatest galleries to help inform their own GCSE and A-Level coursewo...

  • 17 October 2016

    Meet us at the Independent Schools Show

    Chelsea Independent College will be exhibiting at this year’s Independent Schools Show in Battersea Park, London. We would like to invite you ...

  • 11 October 2016

    Chelsea Independent College Drama Club

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re a practised thespian or would just like to try something new, all are welcome! Every Monday 5-6.30pm ...

  • 06 October 2016

    A-level art students visit the Royal Academy

    A-level art students thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the Royal Academy this week to see the ‘Abstract Expressionism’ exhibition. The...

  • 16 September 2016

    Top tips for starting sixth form

    The step up from GCSE to A-Level can be significant in certain subjects and, as a sixth-former, you’ll have to take responsibility for your ow...

  • 30 August 2016

    A-Level student success

    Well done Nima! Nima did fantastically well in his A-Levels achieving AAA and winning a place at the University of Bristol to study Law.

  • 30 August 2016

    A-Level subject choices - maths

    Numbers are everywhere and we have been counting since around 30,000 BC. How would we function without numbers in our calendar, clocks, wallets, sho...

  • 30 August 2016

    Is Chemistry the right A-Level subject for you?

    Choosing your A-Levels can be a tricky task. For some guidance, visit our course pages, contact us or visit the college where our tutors will be on ...

  • 30 August 2016

    Top university destinations 2016

    We are continuing to receive fantastic news from our students about their confirmed university destinations. A very big well done to the following: ...

  • 30 August 2016

    A-Level subject choices

    Choosing the right subjects and combinations is vital to getting on to a top degree, and later, the right career path for you. As the world continue...

  • 25 August 2016

    Fantastic GCSE results

    Congratulations to all of our GCSE students on their fantastic results today! We would like to mention a particular student; Rija for her outstand...

  • 20 May 2016

    Join us at our annual Art & Design Summer Exhibition

    Join us at our annual Art & Design Summer Exhibition! We will be showcasing the fantastic art and photography work produced by our GCSE and A2...

  • 11 May 2016

    Charlotte and Alvin amongst the top scorers in the UKMT Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad

    We would like to say a very big congratulations to Charlotte and Alvin who scored a distinction and merit respectively in the follow-up rounds of th...

  • 25 April 2016

    Jero wins 'Outstanding Contribution to College Life' CIFE award

    The annual CIFE awards recently took place at the House of Lords. Every year, CIFE, the Council for Independent Education, holds an awards ceremony ...

  • 15 April 2016

    84% of final year students receive offers from Russell Group or top 20 universities

    This year’s final year students have had some excellent university offers for top degree courses. Over 84% of our students received offers f...

  • 04 April 2016

    Chelsea Independent College's Chris Broadhurst judges academic Olympiad in Kosovo

    Our Senior Academic Adviser, Chris Broadhurst, was invited to support E&B, the leading education consultancy in Kosovo, to provide expert advice...

  • 19 February 2016

    Students visit Parliament and the Supreme Court

    Thank you to A-level student Ahmad Abi for his report of the day: On the 17th of February 2016, Chelsea Independent College organised a trip to th...

  • 14 January 2016

    This term's football league gets off to a great start with Chelsea beating Duff Miller 5 - 1

    As Champions of last term's league, (Trophy pending), the A Level team got off to a great start with an easy 5-1 win against Duff Miller. Tea...

  • 21 December 2015

    Carols by Candlelight

    Last week’s carol concert was the perfect start to the festive season. The choir sang beautifully and the candlelit church created a truly m...

  • 14 December 2015

    Jake wins a Gold award in this year’s British Physics Olympiad

    A huge congratulations to A-level student Jake for winning a Gold award in this year’s British Physics Olympiad. The British Physics Olympia...

  • 07 December 2015

    Hankun's 100% success in UK Mathematics Trust Olympiad

    We wanted to share with you a lovely letter that the college received from the father of Hankun, one of our GCSE students. Hankun scored an outsta...

  • 04 December 2015

    Computer Science: Looking to the Future

    The physical and digital world are becoming increasingly intertwined, and now, almost every part of our lives is affected by Computer Science: Ban...

  • 27 November 2015

    UKMT British Mathematical Olympiad Round 1 and Senior Kangaroo Challenge take place

    The follow up rounds to the UKMT Maths Challenge took place today at college! Julius and Jake, as top performers in the first round, were invited ...

  • 18 November 2015

    Chelsea Independent College celebrates UKMT Maths Challenge Success

    Maths students at the college achieved outstanding success in this year’s Senior Maths Challenge, organised by the UK Mathematics Trust. More ...

  • 16 November 2015

    Chelsea Independent College welcomes Debswana scholarship winners

    This year, Chelsea Independent College has been proud to welcome to the college seven winners of the prestigious Debswana Scholarship Award. The sev...

  • 12 November 2015

    Richard Dawkins 'A Brief Candle in the Dark'

    A few weeks ago Religious Studies students were accompanied by their teacher Luis and the teacher of Computer Science at Chelsea Independent College...

  • 06 November 2015

    Chelsea Independent College Vs Lansdowne Match Report

    The Chelsea side returned to the top of the league this week after a small blip last week, and defeated Lansdowne 2 – 1. The team played wel...

  • 26 October 2015

    Open Evening

    We are glad to inform you that the Chelsea Independent College Open Evening was a great success. An introduction and overview of the college was giv...

  • 21 October 2015

    Photography Club

    Starting after Half Term there will be a photography club running for all students at Chelsea Independent College. You don't need to have studie...

  • 18 September 2015

    LSE visit Chelsea Independent College

    This week Chelsea Independent College was visited by London School of Economics who came to talk to our students about the university, admissions, r...

  • 20 August 2015

    Brilliant GCSE Results

    Very well done to all of you who received their excellent results for their GCSE examinations this morning! All of the staff at Chelsea Independent ...

  • 14 August 2015

    A-level Results & Destinations

    Chelsea Independent College was filled with happy faces coming to collect their A-level results yesterday. The results this year were fantastic, t...

  • 13 August 2015

    Outstanding A-level Results

    A huge congratulations to all of the A-level students who received their fantastic exam results today! It was so fantastic to see so many smiling fa...

  • 07 July 2015

    Summer Art, Graphics and Photography Exhibition 2015

    Parents and students were invited along to the College’s Art, Photography and Graphics Exhibition showcasing all the GCSE, AS and A2 students&...

  • 02 July 2015

    Teachers versus Students Tennis Match

    The students and staff capitalised on the fantastic weather we have been having recently and played a students versus teachers tennis match on the l...

  • 18 June 2015

    Chelsea Student wins the student magazine Photography competition

    We are delighted to be able to exhibit some beautiful photographs taken by a very talented Chelsea Independent College student, Ellen. Ellen has rec...

  • 03 June 2015

    2015 NCUK International Foundation Year (IFY) Offers

    We are delighted to announce the university offers our first cohort of NCUK IFY Science and Engineering students intend to accept upon receiving the...

  • 06 May 2015

    New Student Accommodation

    Chelsea Independent College is pleased to announce availability of a fantastic new accommodation facility; Pure Student Accommodation Hammersmith. F...

  • 15 April 2015

    Geography Trip to the Lake District

    At the end of last term, Chelsea Independent College Geography students went to the Lake District to practice the stills and techniques they have le...

  • 15 April 2015

    Summer Prom 2015

    The Chelsea Independent College Summer Prom will be taking place on 22nd May. Tickets will be sold at £15 each and can be purchased from the e...

  • 27 March 2015

    CIFE Academic Awards Ceremony

    Today Chelsea Independent College would like to congratulate an exceptional student who has shown determination and outstanding results. Kristoffer ...

  • 12 March 2015

    Common Wealth Day: Chelsea Independent College Student Represents Sri Lanka

    As many of you may know this Monday 9th of March was Commonwealth Day 2015, which celebrates the unity, collaboration and diversity of the Commonwea...

  • 26 February 2015

    Chelsea Independent College University Visits

    This month there have been two more visits from top UK universities to Chelsea Independent College. Students most recently received lectures from se...

  • 26 February 2015

    Chelsea Independence College Chess Club- by Alexander Ogilvie-Graham

    Hello! I am the Chess President for Chelsea Independent College, my Chess Club is unique because it promotes learning the disciplines involved in Ch...

  • 20 February 2015

    NCUK International Foundation Student Offers

    Congratulations to a very talented Chelsea Independent College student, who this week received an offer from her first choice Russell Group Universi...

  • 10 February 2015

    Bristol University Lecture

    Last week AS level students were invited to attend a lecture by a representative from Bristol University. The talk included information on applica...

  • 09 February 2015

    Chelsea Independent College Easter Revision Courses

    We are delighted to inform students and parents that the dates for the Chelsea Independent College Easter Revision Courses 2015 have been confirmed:...

  • 05 February 2015

    Chelsea Independent College Football Team beat CATS College 5 - 3

    The Chelsea Independent College Football team have been an unstoppable force this season playing with speed, consistency and tactical intelligence. ...

  • 03 February 2015

    Chelsea Independent College Open Day

    We are delighted to inform prospective students and parents that the Chelsea Independent College Open Day 2015 has been confirmed! On the 19th Mar...

  • 02 February 2015

    Politics Students Parliament Trip

    Last week Chelsea Independent College Politics students visited The Westminster Houses of Parliament and the Supreme Court to better understand the ...

  • 26 January 2015

    Chelsea Independent College Football Victory!

    The first match of this season (15/01/2015) revealed that the CIC Football team were refreshed and hungry for a victory to propel them into the New ...

  • 20 January 2015

    Maths in Action

    On 2nd December there was great attendance and participation from those who attended the Maths in Action Lectures. Maths students attended several...

  • 20 January 2015

    Senior Kangaroo Maths Challenge

    Very big congratulations for the attendees of the Senior Kangaroo Maths Challenge, all participants did exceptionally well! For the first time eve...

  • 20 January 2015

    Queen Mary's University of London Visit

    On 15th January Queen Mary University of London visited Chelsea Independent College to give a talk to AS Students about choosing and applying for un...

  • 27 November 2014

    Chelsea Students Secure Top University Offers

    We are pleased to announce that Chelsea Independent College students have secured offers on some of the top degree courses at prestigious universiti...

  • 24 November 2014

    Christmas Carol Service - 15th December 2014

    We will be holding our first Carol Service at St Mary’s the Boltons, SW10 9TB on Monday 15th December at 7.00pm for 7.30pm start. The servic...

  • 17 November 2014

    Chelsea Students Raise Money For Children In Need 2014

    Congratulations to Chelsea students who raised an impressive £235.63 for Children In Need! Students dressed in outfits from the popular dram...

  • 14 November 2014

    Children In Need

    Congratulations to Chelsea students who raised an impressive £235.63 for Children In Need! Students dressed in outfits from the popular dram...

  • 10 October 2014

    Chelsea Football Team Starts Season with 'renewed sense of purpose'

    Building on the success of last year, the football team at CIC has started the season with a renewed sense of purpose. Three wins in our opening thr...

  • 08 September 2014

    Admissions Director of Cambridge College to Give Talk to Chelsea Students

    We are pleased to announce that on Wednesday 10th September, Dr Kirsten Dickers, Admissions Director at Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambrid...

  • 01 September 2014

    Top Tips for Future Chelsea Students by Chelsea Leavers

    Whilst we were very sad to say goodbye to a fantastic bunch of students this year, we asked a couple of Chelsea leavers (and a few others) to share ...

  • 18 August 2014

    See what our Students say about Chelsea Independent College

    At Chelsea Independent College, we take pride in our rigorous approach to education that sees students benefit from our unique programme of learning...

  • 14 August 2014

    Results Day 2014: Congratulations to Chelsea Students

    We would like to congratulate Chelsea Independent College students on achieving an outstanding set of results for their A-Level examinations in 2014...

  • 12 August 2014

    University Visits Autumn Term 2013

    Whilst we eagerly await this year's examinations results, plans are already in place for our students to learn more about university and degree ...

  • 12 August 2014

    Oxford Shadowing Programme

    At Chelsea Independent College, we are delighted to continue our positive working relationship with Oxford University. From September 2015, we hav...

  • 12 August 2014

    Results Day Procedure - Thursday 14th August

    On Thursday 14th August 2014, Chelsea Independent College students will be able to collect the results of their AS and A-Level examinations. Stude...

  • 11 August 2014

    University Places to be Confirmed this Week

    With A-level results published on Thursday, students at Chelsea Independent College are looking forward to confirming their places at some of the UK...

  • 21 July 2014

    Outside Puppets Organise Two Day Workshop for Chelsea Students

    In January, Chelsea art students attended a two day workshop organised by Outside Puppets, an assembly of artists with a passion for puppets and per...

  • 07 July 2014

    UCAS Preparation: Personal Statement Writing

    Chelsea Independent students are currently working on the first draft of their personal statements, in preparation for the university application pr...

  • 06 July 2014

    Chelsea Independent College Welcomes Its First Cohort of Academic Summer School Students

    Chelsea Independent College is pleased to welcome the first cohort of Academic Summer School Students! The Academic Summer School combines English...

  • 04 July 2014

    Chelsea Student Offered Place to Read History at Durham University

    Chelsea Independent College would like to congratulate Peter Curry on his offer to study History at Durham University. The History Centre at Durha...

  • 01 July 2014

    Outstanding university offers for Chelsea students

    This year over 70% of A2 students at Chelsea Independent College have received offers from leading universities, that is institutions ranked in the ...

  • 23 June 2014

    GCSE & A-level Art Exhibition

    GCSE and A-level students from Chelsea exhibited their work at the annual Art Exhibition last week. Visitors were treated to some fantastic works of...

  • 21 June 2014

    Meet Chelsea Bot

    In November 2013, a group of AS Computing students were curious about how computers work from an electronics perspective. Enio Fernandes, Teacher ...

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