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14 December 2018

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CIC's Got Talent Charity Show

Report by Dante Ferrante, Member of the Student Council

Charisma, courage and confidence are just three of the many traits that accompany a talented star. On Tuesday 11th of December, some of our students shined while performing in our annual charity talent show that raised £43.36 for Amnesty International, an organization which raises awareness of human rights and fights against injustice. The dazzling night was hosted by the comedic duo “The Gr8 Dulce & Karla” who left the entire audience weak with laughter and crying with tears of humorous joy.

It all kicked off with a staggering performance by Victoria VikSun who performed a breath taking vogue-style dance which left the audience bemused after showing them how flexible the human body can be.

Following Victoria, our gracious hostesses introduced the virtuoso T.F who performed a surreal acoustic version of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself”, which enchanted the audience and gave Justin a good run for his money.

After T. F’s magical number ended, the stage welcomed the musical genius Marduk playing the piano in a vigorous and euphonic fashion. Madruk left the audience in complete fascination in regards to his speed and precision.

The night ended with a captivating dance from our esteemed dancer Bogdan the Flava, who twisted and twirled to Timberlake’s track “Senorita”, amazing us all with his smooth and slick footwork. After a long and hard deliberation from our admirable judges, an overall consensus was reached: the winner of the 2018 CIC Charity Talent Show is… Bogdan the Flava!

On behalf of the Student Council, I would like to extend our warmest gratitude to all those who attended the event, and to all those who donated to the cause. Additionally, we would like to thank our judges for their wisdom and appreciation.

A-Level   /   Events   /   GCSE   /   NCUK Foundation   /   News

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