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04 December 2015

A-Level   /   News

Computer Science: Looking to the Future

The physical and digital world are becoming increasingly intertwined, and now, almost every part of our lives is affected by Computer Science:

Banking and shopping are done online;
Communication is over Facebook or WhatsApp;
Travelling is now done using an Oyster card or in an Uber.

From September 2014, Computing joined the national curriculum meaning that 5 to 16 year olds started to learn to code. This means that the UK government has now recognised that Computing is as important as English, Maths and Science. Some popular career paths for Computer Science students include: IT, Finance, Science and Engineering.

Some of our previous Computing students have gone on to study an exciting array of courses at university:

Adil Malik

Maths A*
Physics A*
Computing A*
AS History A

Adil joined Chelsea Independent College as a GCSE student. Being so advanced for the GCSE group, he joined the AS Computing class whist still in year 11. In 2015 he came in the top 50 students (AQA doesn’t reveal the specific position) in the UK for Computing A-level. Whilst at the college, he helped to found the robotics club.

He has gone on to study Electronic and Information Engineering at Imperial University.

Fares Alaboud

Arabic A
Computing A
Maths B

Fares followed a one year program at Chelsea. He has gone on to study Computer Science at King’s College London where he is the President of the KCL Tech Society and has won the Exceptional Contribution Award two years running. He has organised HackKings, a programming event where KCL came 1st in Europe in 2015 beating other top universities including Oxbridge to the prize. The event has gained backing from companies such as BlackRock, J.P Morgan and Bloomberg.

Ajkel Mino

Maths A*
Computing A
Physics C

Ajkil followed a one-year programme at Chelsea. She was particularly interested in the Artificial Intelligence topics of the Computing course and is now studying Knowledge Engineering at Maastricht University.

Such successes cannot be achieved without the guidance of an expert teacher:

Enio Fernandes


Computer Science BSc (Hons), University of London (KCL)
(completed Masters modules in 3rd year)

PGCE in Information Communication Technology, King's College London

Academic areas of interest include:

2D Game development;
Web Applications like Facebook;
Artificial Intelligence;

A-Level   /   News

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