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19 February 2016

A-Level   /   News

Students visit Parliament and the Supreme Court

Thank you to A-level student Ahmad Abi for his report of the day:

On the 17th of February 2016, Chelsea Independent College organised a trip to the UK Parliament and the Supreme Court. The two classes that went on the trip were the Politics Class (Ohmad, Ledio, Mustafa, Kunsulu, Artur, Abi) led by Luis Martins and the History Class (Mei, Oliver, Adam, Ledio) which was led by Erin Neil. The purpose of the trip for the Politics class was to experience first-hand what students had learnt in chapter 2 (Parliament), chapter 3 (Prime Minister and Cabinet) and chapter 4 (Supreme Court) in the UK Politics Unit 2. The purpose of the trip for the History class on the other hand was to experience what they had learnt in their textbooks relating to Winston Churchill and the parliament.

 At 8 am, 9 students and 2 teachers, assembled in the Fulham Broadway block of the college and departed to the Hammersmith Station. They took the tube to the Westminster stop using the district line. The group exited the tube station at Westminster to be welcomed by a silhouette of Big Ben and the Parliament. Once they entered the Parliament, they were brought to the guide for the tour.

The guide took the group around the parliament to three particular sections: Royalty, the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The Royal section of the Parliament primarily consisted of elegant, extravagant artworks and a chamber where the Queen would change before her annual address of the Parliament.

One of the more intriguing parts of the royalty section in the Parliament was the fresco which told the story of King Arthur.

 As the group entered the House of Lords, the group noticed two things. Firstly, the extravagance of the Royal section of the Parliament was toned down and secondly, the main colour theme had changed to red; the colour associated to the House of Lords. The House of Lords was cramped but gave the group an air of power and authority as the guide explained what the House of Lords did.

The House of Commons on the other hand was more practical than the other two sections of Parliament and substituted the vibrant red with a mossy green; being the colour of the House of Commons. The group witnessed where statutes and policies that impacts the world were and are being made.

After the group finished their tour of the UK parliament, they entered the Supreme Court. The group headed to the Supreme Court museum where information on cases was stored digitally and the Magna Carta was hanged. The group then went to one of the courts where Court sessions would normally be held. Sadly, since it was a Friday, there was no cases held but the group did have the opportunity to peep into a meeting being held in one of the many meeting rooms.

 The group reached the college around 12 pm where they dispersed and resumed their day.

A-Level   /   News

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