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Pastoral Care

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Caring for our students throughout their time with us

At Chelsea Independent College we believe that students develop most successfully if they feel themselves to be part of a community. The most effective way to achieve this is to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.

We aim to nurture outstanding personal qualities in our students, promoting their strong spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. We place high importance on our personal approach to the care and support of our students and we work hard to ensure they demonstrate exemplary behaviour and take pride in their achievements.

The pastoral team endeavour to create an environment where students’ cultural awareness is strongly developed. This awareness encourages them both to interact positively with each other, and to be welcoming towards fellow students from different cultures and faiths.

Every student has a dedicated personal tutor. The college nurse is on hand to give advice regarding health and emotional well-being, as well as to provide medical provisions. The student services team can offer any necessary additional assistance should it be required.

For our boarders, 24-hour support is available from our dedicated boarding staff, who ensure our pastoral care provision extends beyond the college day. The team supports students in their endeavours in creating and maintaining friendships, and in learning the life skills necessary to progress.

We provide activities that encourage each individual student to develop socially and culturally, as well as to develop their sense of responsibility for themselves and for others. For our boarding students, Chelsea Independent College is their home away from home – a caring, nurturing and inclusive environment that provides them with the ideal surroundings in which to succeed.

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