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An introduction to Chelsea Independent College from our Principal

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to let me introduce Chelsea Independent College to you. In the twelve years since I started work here, I have seen us grow into a leading day and boarding college with a very distinctive and friendly ethos. I’m sure that through our website, you will get a sense of how special Chelsea is too.

We get great results, but our aims stretch beyond academic attainment. We prize the growth in confidence and curiosity of our students. Our small class sizes facilitate collaborative lessons with students learning their way around their subjects at the same time as they grow as people. We are informal, and flexible, but we put students’ welfare first. Every year, we see how this ‘mindfulness’ leads to lifted hearts and lifted results. We are serious about past paper tests - every week! - so that students can learn from their correct and their incorrect answers. That, alongside our excellent teaching, is at the heart of our A-Level and GCSE strategy.

Chelsea offers a diverse environment. As well as our local student body, we welcome students of over thirty different nationalities, and it is truly a pleasure to see people from this country and elsewhere working and socialising together. Some of our students are day pupils, some are boarders; both thrive in our vibrant and welcoming modern buildings. Many are here for A-Levels, some for GCSEs; all are treated in the same way and taught how to develop their strengths and happiness. Our staff are highly qualified in their field, and often, in other professional areas too - we are as much a home of barristers, architects, neuroscientists, world-class artists and mathematicians as we are of teaching excellence.

It all combines to make Chelsea Independent College one of the best in London. I hope that, via our website, you will see a little of our enthusiasm, and that it will encourage you to visit us to see what we can do.

College Principal Martin Meenagh

Dr. Martin Meenagh, Principal

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