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Drama & Theatre Studies

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Interested in developing the skills for a career on stage or screen?

Drama is not only exciting in itself but it teaches a great variety of practical skills. These include confidence, the ability to read and communicate complicated concepts, improvise and engage the audience in the face of the unexpected. London is a thriving centre for drama and theatre with one of the oldest and richest histories of performance and drama schools in the world.

The programme is designed for students wishing to develop their acting skills through the use of props, improvisation, and storytelling, as well as expert teaching in voice coaching, stage combat and live performance.

We will explore how performers, designers and directors communicate meaning to the audience. We will also study plays from various periods and genres, and discuss how they relate to the social, historical and cultural context. At the end of the programme, students will devise and perform their own choice of play using group skills in a fun and friendly environment.

You will benefit from the following:

  • Workshops with actors, voice coach experts and physical practitioners
  • Visits to renowned drama schools and universities such as Rada and Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts
  • Access to London’s world-class theatre performances
  • Expert academic tuition from tutors at Chelsea Independent College, one of the UK’s leading independent colleges
  • University guidance and counselling including what it takes to break into the drama industry
  • Combination of theoretical and practical learning experiences

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