Approach to Education

Maximising Our Students’ Performance and Academic Results

At Chelsea Independent College we work in close partnership with our students to understand what inspires and motivates them, in order to encourage successful learning habits that ensure they realise their full potential.

As a leading London sixth form college, we have a strong focus on maximising our students’ performance and academic results. We also give them a clear picture of the full range of university opportunities available, both in the UK and abroad, and help them secure a place on their chosen degree course.

To achieve this we provide:

  • A dedicated personal tutor for every student
  • A specifically tailored teaching programme
  • Small classes with an average of eight students, creating an engaging and interactive learning environment
  • Regular exam practice with detailed feedback on how to prepare for final examinations enabling students to successfully express the knowledge they acquire in the necessary format to maximise their grades
  • Academic profiling, including Durham University’s ALIS performance predictors
Examination Practice Papers

Our Examination Practice Papers system ensures that students sit frequent practice exams consisting of questions from past papers. This regular experience of working under exam conditions helps build confidence and develop an understanding of the exam process, which we believe is crucial in ensuring success in end-of-year exams. It also allows teachers to keep a close track of their students’ performance and to identify areas of study which may need revisiting.

Tutor Notes

We believe that time in the classroom should be spent exploring subject areas to gain a true insight and thorough understanding of the current syllabuses. We seek to give students the skills and tools needed to solve problems, as well as preparing them fully for their public examinations.

We provide students with a comprehensive set of concise notes, corresponding to examination specifications for each of their subjects. Classroom time is focused on active engagement, exploration of the subject area and developing the necessary skills to succeed. Tutor notes provide our students with an accurate source of information, which can be used to read ahead and refer to during lessons, as well as to revisit and revise from.

Independent Environment

As one of London’s top A-Level colleges, we provide a unique academic environment where students are treated as independent young adults, who are made responsible for their studies in preparation for a university approach to learning. Students and teachers are on first-name terms, and we offer personalised support as part of our flexible and responsive approach to our students’ educational needs.