Chelsea Independent College Students

Benefitting from Expert Tuition and Advice

Barnaby Roberson Hurst

A-Level: A*A*A
Engineering Mathematics, University of Bristol

‘My favourite lesson is Further Maths because the subject is more theory-based than normal mathematics; this means that you can really develop an interest in the subject outside of what is required for your exams.

The college has been very helpful during the application process, correcting drafts, giving me advice and generally helping me to write my personal statement. The tutors also encouraged me to go to various open days for top ranking universities and see which course and city would suit me best.’

Marko Kracovic

Modern Architecture, The Architecture Association

‘My favourite subject at college is Art because, unlike many other subjects, it allows students to fully express themselves. Also it is one of the subjects that my university requires to allow me access to the course I want to study.

I have applied to a number of different universities in the UK to study architecture and I am hoping to achieve a place at The Architectural Association School of Architecture for my degree.’

Daria Postnikova

A-Levels: A*A*A
Biochemistry, University College London

‘Chelsea has a more individual approach with smaller classes, greater focus on academic studies, and a very cosy atmosphere. No uniform helped us feel more at home as well as calling teachers by their first name. I received support and guidance from all teachers, including the

Head of Sixth Form, who helped me with my university choices and UCAS application. Having a tutor group every week allowed me to be on top of my schoolwork and upcoming college events.’

Romeo Bambara

French and Journalism, University of Roehampton

‘I am Head of the Student Council. This is a group of students that have been elected by each class to come together and organise a range of different events for the college. For example, we organised a pink day at the college to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

I really enjoy the extracurricular activities. I am striker for the college football team, and we won the league for the second time running in two years, which is great!’

Sam Tudor-Taylor


‘One of the best things about studying at Chelsea Independent College is the exam preparation. We sit regular exam practice papers under exam conditions.

My favourite subject is Sociology because the teaching I have from Luis is probably the best teaching I’ve ever had. The class size is only ten people compared to the class of thirty people at my previous school, which makes learning much easier. The class is such a social forum so that we learn from the debates we have and from other people rather than just learning from a book.’

Cassidy Waterman Voase


‘We get to go on lots of outings and trips. Recently for Art we visited the Tate Modern to see the “Conflict Time Photography Exhibit”. I particularly enjoyed this because it linked with my projects and allowed me to find new insights into my work and the case studies that I was examining.

The student teacher relationship here is a lot better than many other colleges. The relationship is often on a one-to-one basis and therefore you get the support and assistance you need to drive yourself in all of your lessons.’

Suzana Kolaveri

Pharmacy, Kingston University

‘At Chelsea Independent College the environment is really good. The classes are small so you get lots of help and attention and it’s easy for us to ask questions if we find something difficult in class. You probably wouldn’t get this at most other schools because there are too many students in a class.

I got loads of help with my personal statement. I wrote it the first time but after that the college helped me to refine and change it so that it would have a greater effect, convey what I wanted to convey and set me apart from the other applicants.’